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If you know me in “real life” it’s no secret that I had a bit of a challenging summer. My wonderful blog partner (also known as my sissy, my lobster, or just Darci) sent me an Albert Camus quote that I loved. The quote meant a lot to me and I repeated it to myself often through the summer.

One night recently I was browsing Pinterest (as we do) and I found a framed print with that quote in it from a home tour featured on Style Me Pretty. I texted Darci immediately because I just had to have it. After some googling I found that it was a limited edition collaboration between Pennyweight Goods and Oh My Dear. I promptly emailed Chelsea at Oh My Dear to ask if it would ever be back in stock. She informed me they had lots of requests so they were working to bring it back.

Chelsea emailed me a few weeks later to tell me, it’s back for a limited time! I am so thankful and as you can imagine I ordered it right away. I can’t wait to frame it and display it in my home!

Do you guys like quotes? We have both always been quote lovers, wrote in quote books, and we often pin our favorites. I love the idea of decorating your home with all your favorite quotes.

P.S. The print is only available for a limited time. Purchase here!


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